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RC 7130

Polijstmachine 178 mm

Artikelnr. 660717130

Large angle polisher with special low head design, available with thread type 5/8 duims and M14x2. Equipped with an insulating handle cover for continous polishing and rear exhaust to guide away cold exhausted air. The variant with 5/8 duims thread includes a high quality polishing pad with completely rounded rim and a lamb wool bonnet with straps to tie.
Rotatiesnelheid 2500 tpm
Slang Diameter 8 mm (min)
Luchtverbruik (gemiddeld) 525 l/min
Luchtverbruik (continu) 700 l/min
Luchtinlaat 1/4" F
Geluidsniveau [dB(A)] 87,9
Vibratie [m/s²] 6,9
Schijf Diameter 178 mm
Vermogen [W] 500 W
Lengte 320 mm
Breedte [mm] 38 mm
Hoogte [mm] 100 mm
Gewicht 2 kg
EAN-code 4030178700187
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